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System requirements

Digital Mysteries has two modes: touch and multi-mouse.

The installer comes packaged with both modes, allowing the user to toggle between them in the settings menu.

Please see below for system requirements for Digital Mysteries.




Operating Systems

Windows 7 or Windows 8

Windows 7 or Windows 8


2GB of RAM and 100MB of hard drive space

2GB of RAM and 100MB of hard drive space


All you need for a multi-mouse session to work is extra mice plugged in to the PC or laptop (number of mice to match number of students in the group). It works best with a maximum of 4.

Any multi-touch-enabled device e.g. interactive tabletop or tablet.


If multiple mice are plugged into a PC,they will usually all control the same cursor. In Digital Mysteries however, each mouse has a different coloured cursor, which can be assigned to a name.

The maximum number of users allowed depends on the number of mice connected to the PC when starting a session.

Different technologies may require different installers depending on the technology and operating system used.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.