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Mystery Creator

What is the Mystery Creator?

The Mystery Creator allows students and teachers to easily create their own mysteries.

It’s ideal for Project Based Learning or teachers who want to devise their own tasks.

How does it work?

Watch our 90 second video which shows the whole process of creating a task for Digital Mysteries.

Where can I download it?

Our free trial of Digital Mysteries comes packaged with the Mystery Creator, and is available to download now.

How will it help students?

  • Informative: Creating a mystery, then watching another group solve it, opens up a whole range of different perspectives and critique.

  • School trips: Images, videos and audio files can be dragged and dropped in the tool. This is an excellent way of making the most of what students have gathered when out and about, or even just collected online or at home.

  • Project Based Learning: The tool can also be used to present students' work as part of a project. It's a more unique and interactive way of showing their research and hard work than a presentation; an array of multimedia is supported, and both students and teachers can engage with it.

    The Mystery Creator in action.

  • Revision: This tool can be used to demonstrate what students know about a particular subject. The information they’ve acquired can be brought to life in a task that someone else can learn from.

  • Fun experience: Students can design and add everything themselves, from the colour of the background, to the words on each slip. They can make a mystery as simple or as difficult as they choose.

  • User-intuitive: With the tool so easy-to-use, groups enjoy creating their own tasks from the very beginning. What is needed to form a mystery is clearly outlined so that they don’t miss any key points.

  • Endless opportunities: With the platform so adaptable, any issue can be made into a mystery, whether it’s about a particular subject or a school council issue for example.

How will it help teachers?

  • Create: Design the content and appearance of a mystery from scratch to suit them specifically to your school and your students.

  • Plan: The format of the creator makes it easy for you to set out learning objectives as well as differentiation, so that when the lesson comes, you’re ready to go.

  • Edit: Adapt the existing mysteries in our library to suit them particularly to each group in your class or create your own with exactly the content and levels that you want.

  • Share: Share your tasks with with other schools and teachers via email or an online sharing website.

For more information on the Mystery Creator, please contact us at or call +44 (0) 191 603 1960.